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Daily Report, September 30, 2010

Ally Parsons - Thursday, September 30, 2010

I hope everyone out there is having as beautiful of a day as we are here at RootsHQ! Let's begin by talking about the rumor of a Facebook and Skpe merger and what that could mean for you. Moving right along, you may or may not have dabbled in developing a mobile app for your organization or campaign, but find out which mobile device the majority of app developers are choosing. Finally, I will leave you with some sad yet optimistic online advertising news.

Would it be the FaceSkype or the Skypebook?: Rumors are swirling of this potential social media merging and we want to know what exactly that would mean for you. One crazy idea for campaigns is for candidates to Skype directly with their Facebook supporters!

iPhone is the favorite among app developers: You are probably thinking that this doesn't pertain to you because you are not actually an app developer, but when it comes to choosing which platform to create your custom campaign app, you may want to know what the experts are choosing.

Twitter's not open to political advertising...yet: We have been discussing online advertising through Twitter and the new products they will be offering. Sadly, these products will not be available for political advertisers, but they could be in the future. Read on to find out.

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