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Daily Report, October 13, 2010

Ally Parsons - Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alright everyone, we are halfway though the work week! We can do this! As always, we are here to make getting over the hump a little easier. Today, let's talk about Twitter followers vs. Facebook Fans and the value they have to you and your organization. Also, Twitter will soon expand their advertising platform to small businesses. While this doesn't benefit politicos yet, it will be beneficial to issue advocacy groups. Finally, after you understand the value of your social media following, take a look at the loyalty your Facebook Page fans have to your brand.

Fans vs. Followers: Who do you consider more valuable to your message, your Twitter followers or your Facebook Page fans? Take a look at this recent survey to see which may have more value. Our opinion is they are all valuable. It's up to your social media strategy to make the connections and keep them informed, and RootsHQ can help.

Letting the little guys in: So far, Twitter's advertising platform as really only been beneficial to larger brands. Soon that will all change as Twitter begins prepping an ad product for small businesses.

They like you, they really like you: When someone 'likes' your Facebook page, what does that really mean? A new survey says that these 'likes' translate into brand loyalty.

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