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How Lawyers Are Using Social Media

The Internet and social media have changed the way law is practiced in this country. The laws of the Internet are still uncertain and in the courtroom, your Facebook status could give you an alibi. Even though the Internet and social media have found their way into the practice of law, some lawyers are hesitant [...]

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You’ve got to sell the “Like” when it comes to your Facebook Page

It may be easier than you think to understand your supporters when it comes to their Facebook behavior. For example, how many times have you revisited a site after you "Liked" the page? Chances are, you never went back. This could be the case for most of your Facebook page fans. In fact, a Facebook fan [...]

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The New Twitter and what it means for you

Twitter said it best, "Life doesn't always fit into 140 characters or less". The new will allow your "overflow" to be seen. Our Daily Reports often feature articles addressing the importance of using multimedia tools such as YouTube and live-stream videos for your campaign or organization. The new Twitter will allow for instantaneous viewing [...]

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The Power of Social Media in Politics

We all know that social media has a powerful influence; we have entire websites dedicated to it. Honestly, how many times have you checked your Facebook today? How often have you tweeted? How frequently do you take little breaks from work to check out the latest Youtube video? Most of us also know what social [...]

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Your campaign’s Twitter account could be sending the wrong message

Campaigns of all sizes are jumping into social media head first to promote their activities. Today campaigns have Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn profiles, blogs and the list goes on and on. But is your Twitter account giving the right message to your audience? This article from gives a few examples of what [...]

Using Online Video

More and more campaigns are using online video to promote their candidates and increase online contributions. For traditional companies, online video is getting a bigger piece of the pie. When you create a YouTube channel, make sure to customize the channel so that it syncs with your overall message. Customize the tags for candidate videos, staff videos, or even video [...]

Could campaigns buy Twitter followers?

The rumor mill is churning today with the story that Twitter may begin offering a "promoted twitter" premium service, whereby accounts could be promoted for an advertising type fee. If the metrics were right, this would be a tremendous boost to building audiences for campaigns. Imagine if every time someone on Twitter posted about a [...]

Democrats desperate attempt at using social media to connect Hill GOP to BP

TechPresident is reporting that The Democratic National Committee just launched a new microsite titled BP Republicans.

Applies to politics too

With great resources out there like Mashable and TechCrunch, I'm constantly seeing how digital technology trends impact businesses.

Why you should watch Foursquare

Foursquare -- and the general trend of geo-location services -- present a huge opportunity for campaigns. See where your volunteers are.