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Facebook ads get more targeted. What's better than mobile? The secret to Buzzfeed. This and more in the Weekend Reads for April 13, 2013.

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Weekend Reads

5 common social media mistakes. Digital stats & analytics. SEO for video. A good reason not to use text messages. It's the weekend reads for March 30, 2013.

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Weekend Reads

Using data to get creative. Google launches Keep after killing Reader. A cheat sheet for Author Rank. Who is Organizing for Action hiring? Here's a few weekend reads for March 22, 2013.

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Weekend Reads

R.I.P. Google Reader. How about Google Hangouts? Rand Paul and Twitter reinvent the Filibuster. Here's a few weekend reads for March 16, 2013.

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Daily Report, November 9, 2010

I would suggest bookmarking every article in today's Daily Report because you will want to revisit them. At RootsHQ we are always looking for new tips and ideas to improve your online presence and overall, empower your organization. Vaseline created an ad campaign to push it's newest product by using real testimonials from people dealing [...]

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Daily Report, November 8, 2010

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the work week! It seems like everyone is going 'mobile' these days. Everyone has an 'app for that'. If your organizationĀ has ever considered creating a mobile application we can show you how. Also, you need to understand the importance of your Facebook page and how your supportersĀ are using it [...]

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Daily Report, November 4, 2010

Good afternoon everyone. The holidays are right around the corner and for some of you making a year-end fundraising push, this is your busiest time of year. So how do you plan on connecting with your supporters? We have some great ideas that will help. Also, see how dentists are using social media to ease [...]

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Reading List for October 14, 2010

Good afternoon everyone! RootsHQ is all about giving you the online guidance you need to better your advocacy efforts. Today we have some great articles to help you do just that. First, we have some key takeaways from a recent report covering consumers' online behaviors, consumers' expectations of a business' online presence and much more. [...]

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