Infographic: How the rest of the world does research

Political polling has been under constant fire since 2012 when Mitt Romney's pollster famously slipped on a banana peel of survey data and incorrectly predicted the former Massachusetts governor would oust incumbent Barack Obama. Donald Trump's unforeseen victory in 2016 only increased pressure on the status quo for the political polling industry. So if we [...]

The real reason Hillary’s numbers are sinking

Lessons for any candidate from Hillary's struggle to communicate trust and authenticity.

Why Democrats are cheering for a decline in religion in America

Democratic strategists are cheering an increase in nonreligious Americans. But will their gusto for these new voters destroy their traditional coalition?

Poll: Religion still strong in America

Rasmussen has uncovered a rather unexpected data point that indicates religion is still a very important value in American life: A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 53% of American Adults think America would be a better place if most people attended religious services on a regular basis. Just seven percent (7%) think [...]

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