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Should You Invest in SEO?

For some businesses, SEO or search engine optimization gets a large chunk of the online marketing budget. Advocacy startups and campaigns are not "some businesses." So should your organization consider SEO? There are many components that go into answering that one simple question. Most people don't realize how complicated SEO can be and there is no [...]

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HOW TO archive your campaign email

All campaigns must come to an end, or at least that used to be the case. But by and large, if you work on campaigns, you will at some point need to switch from your email account back to your personal email. If you'd like to archive your campaign email for posterity, and you [...]

By |August 8th, 2010|How To|

5 steps to improve your writing

One of the most under-appreciated yet valuable skills to have as a political professional is simply the ability to write. Too often we'll see press releases or other content come across with little attention to the actual writing. And while the realities of political deadlines mean the perfect is hardly ever the enemy of the [...]

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