Why Democrats are cheering for a decline in religion in America

Democratic strategists are cheering an increase in nonreligious Americans. But will their gusto for these new voters destroy their traditional coalition?

Lincoln Labs is creating a community for innovation

Following up on a successful conference in San Francisco last summer, Lincoln Labs is taking the show east with a #Reboot conference in Washington, DC and already it's off to a smashing success.

McConnell celebrates 2nd amendment win with a meme

Kudos to the US Senate on blocking an ill-conceived gun grab, and kudos to Team Mitch for seizing the day via a meme.

By |April 17th, 2013|Culture|

The elite organization

Elite organizations are hard to build and hard to expand. So how does an organization become elite? If we look at the military's most elite units, there are at least two clear factors that contribute to their elite-ness.

By |October 1st, 2007|Culture|