Advice to a first time candidate

Having been in and around campaigns for more than¬†12 years, I often get the opportunity to talk to candidates who are ready to test the¬†waters and put their name on the ballot for the first time. It’s an exciting time in their lives, and I love getting to be a part of it. Here’s the […]

Lincoln Labs is creating a community for innovation

Following up on a successful conference in San Francisco last summer, Lincoln Labs is taking the show east with a #Reboot conference in Washington, DC and already it's off to a smashing success.

New Organizing Institute turmoil a “crushing blow” for the liberal tech establishment

The New Organizing Institute has long been a pillar of the Left's strength in leveraging technology to target voters, but this week it's a poster child for dysfunctional leadership.

Poll: Religion still strong in America

Rasmussen has uncovered a rather unexpected data point that indicates religion is still a very important value in American life:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 53% of American Adults think America would be a better place if most people attended religious services on a regular basis. Just seven percent (7%) think the […]

How Super Bowl ads tap your brain

Let's be honest, most political ads are not exactly Super Bowl quality. Of course, they don't have Super Bowl budgets, but still... those ads during the big game really get us. What's the difference?

5 apps that take up 80% of our mobile time

We love apps, but a new report from Forrester shows we love a few apps more than others.